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  1. Deji

    Thank you for all the update posts on Lassa fever. I want a confirmation from your experts, why is it unhealthy to drink garri this time. Does Garri makes one vulnerable to Lassa Fever? kindly respond please.

  2. Olabisi Oladipo

    Thank you for your interest in our page. With regards to your question, it has been noticed that rats are attracted to garri especially during the process of drying it or where it is not properly stored. If the species of rats which eat the garri is the Mastomys natalensis (the Lassa virus-carrying rat) and it contaminates the garri with its infected saliva, urine or faeces, then there is a good chance that humans who drink that contaminated garri will be infected with Lassa fever. This is the reason why we have been advised not to drink garri at this time. However, it is said that if the garri is made with hot water to make ‘eba’, then there is much less risk of coming down with Lassa fever as it is assumed that the hot water kills the Lassa virus.

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