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M & E

Program Monitoring Evaluation & Reporting (M & E)

Through our APIN Plus/Harvard PEPFAR activities, APIN has developed strong institutional capacity for electronic monitoring and evaluation of program and clinical activities. Our capacity in this area includes broad M&E, electronic and register-based Health Management Information Systems (HMIS), which are sensitive to clinical and programmatic needs and indicators as well as data management and maintenance capabilities. Through a highly participatory evolutionary process, APIN has developed a hybrid M&E system and put in use a relational database system, which is interlinked by patient identification numbers. The system contains databases for Adult ARV treatment, PMTCT, HCT, Pediatric ARV treatment and other data required in the course of care and treatment, including ART pharmacy logs, toxicity records, discontinuation forms, as well as prevention activity reporting. APIN collaborates with HSPH in the management and use of this database system for the warehousing and analysis of patient data collected at our sites.

We have also developed and implemented clinical quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) protocols, drawing upon the use of our electronic data. These protocols collect data on standardized indicators, which measure clinical quality of care and health systems. Results are utilized to strengthen services at the sites. Through these protocols, we provide support for programmatic- and clinic-based quality improvement programs that evaluate health system processes and patient outcomes in order to enhance quality of care. We have developed channels for information dissemination and the use of information in decision-making at various levels of implementation and project management as well as in facilitating sharing of information among sites for overall quality improvement among all our sites, partners, funders and relevant Nigerian government agencies.

At the national level, members of our Strategic Information (SI) team have been involved in the development of aspects of the national M&E system. They have contributed to capacity development and were instrumental to the development of key national data collection tools  in particular PMTCT, HCT and patient monitoring and management (PMM) forms. As a stakeholder, we continue to contribute meaningfully to policy and practice in M&E as members of various national committees on M&E at the Federal Ministry of Health, NACA and the SI group of the USG Implementing Partners.

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