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Our Employee Value Proposition

APIN offers exciting and highly competitive remunerations and terms of employment. We provide world-class work environment to ensure that our employees are well motivated to discharge their functions and do so with ease. The camaraderie that is so characteristic of our workforce has helped to forge a high sense of belonging among the staff and a commitment to the achievement of our shared values and common goals.

We continuously strive to keep our office as an honest, fun and learning environment. Because we leverage heavily on the collective knowledge, skills and experience of our staff for the pursuit of the organizational goals, we invest meaningfully in staff capacity building by providing training and development opportunities, both locally and internationally.

Our values

We are guided by the following core values in all our operations and dealings with our stakeholders:

  • Integrity: We are committed to principles and practice of transparency/ openness within and with partners and clients.
  • Teamwork: We are committed to harnessing internal and external human resources and expertise for better outcomes of our interventions
  • Equity: We are committed to equal treatment of all in rights and privileges
  • Excellence: We are dedicated to providing and achieving the highest standard in what we do
  • Innovation: We continue to apply new ideas and seek new ways of doing things to achieve the best in a fast changing world
  • Learning: We seek to learn from our work and those of others applying the lessons on continuous basis to achieve the desired change
  • Adaptability: We are flexible in responding to change and innovation

Joining Our Team

In APIN, we aspire to be a leading public health NGO in Nigeria and Africa committed to reduced disease burden and impact mitigation. You too can play a role in the realization of this vision if you have what it takes to come on board! In our recruitment and selection exercises, we look out for qualified, talented, intelligent, innovative and self-driven individuals to come and contribute to our service to humanity.

APIN is an equal opportunity employer and we encourage qualified persons from all backgrounds (race, sex, age, ethnic group, nationality or religion) to seek employment in our organization.

You can always learn about our job openings on this page.

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