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PSCM System

Procurement & Supply Chain Management System (PSCM)

Since the APIN Plus/Harvard PEPFAR program era, APIN has established a logistics management system, which coordinates supply chain management for ARV drugs. Laboratory supplies and other medical commodities which are required as part of the organization’s program implementation.
The goal is to strengthen systems to select, procure, store, track, distribute and provide Antiretreovirals, Laboratory Reagents and consumables. In furtherance of the above, APIN has trained numerous facility and state staff in Logistics Management of Health Commodities, and provided technical assistance in drug commodity management. APIN also partnered with supported states in developing the commodity logistics component of their HIV/AIDS state strategic plan, towards enshrining sustainability.
The development of this system involved human and infrastructural capacity development, as well as putting systems and processes in place to ensure that the right products and quantities gets to the client in good condition in a timely and cost efficient manner.
APIN PSCM collaborates with other Implementing partners and the FMOH, towards ensuring reduction of expiries and stock availability through commodity redistribution between sites.
The APIN PSCM Unit manages a central warehouse from which antireoviral drugs, laboratory test kits and reagents are supplied to supported facilities in the country. The unit reports to the Associate Director of Pharmacy and Supply Chain Management in APIN.

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