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The strength of APIN’s M&E team, the large number of patients that the APIN PEPFAR program serves and the comprehensiveness of our system of care enhance our ability to conduct operational research projects, which is one of our core activities. Our laboratory and strategic information capacities as well as our experience in our entire sphere of activities including, PMTCT, Paediatric and Adult ART and HIV-TB services, mean that we are well positioned to conduct research projects. These research projects enhance our ability to use our wealth of experience and data to generate new knowledge in each of these areas. Our operational research projects cut across multiple objectives and they seek to answer key questions regarding the status of our comprehensive HIV prevention, care and treatment programs. Our belief is that these research activities will inform our public health approach to program implementation, with potential policy implications for all the National HIV/AIDS programs as well as national surveillance programs.

All of our research activities seek Health Research Ethics Committee approval from the relevant institutions. All such researches are conducted in conformance with all applicable Human Subjects Research Ethics regulations.

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