APIN is the lead HIV/AIDS developmental partner in Lagos state and is currently implementing the Comprehensive ART Response for Enhanced Sustainability (iCARES) project. Lagos is one of the priority states supported by APIN.

APINs capable team in the Lagos office has worked assiduously to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS in Lagos, by scaling HIV prevention and early detection services such as conducting community outreaches in times past, and offering prevention services to key populations and other at risk groups. We have realised that by focusing on key populations and other at risks population, we have the capacity to prevent new HIV infections and ensure there is reduction in transmission risk of the virus.

The Lagos team has capable technical team with expertise in different thematic areas who provide programmatic support to healthcare workers that offer clinical services to PLHIVs accessing care and treatment at APIN supported ART clinics across the state.

There are currently 7 LGAs supported by APIN Public Health Initiatives under the CDC/PEPFAR project in Lagos State.

HIV/AIDS services are carried out in all of the scale-up and sustained support LGAs in Lagos State. The activities include supportive supervision and mentorship, data validation, and continuous quality improvement for all HIV services at supported sites in Lagos State.                


The Lagos APIN team routinely conducts on-site mentorship and localized training. The objective of the training is to build the capacity of health care workers in providing standard and improved HIV services. The prevention directorate mentors service providers on counselling skills, adherence, providing HIV services for the key population, couple counselling, provision of PMTCT services, just to mention a few. The clinical and PSCM directorates conducts Adult and pediatric ART trainings and a couple of TB/HIV trainings. The lab directorate also trains service providers in HIV testing services, EID services and proficiency testing.

The team is committed to continuous improvement of strategy and modifications thereof, to achieve results.

Other services offered include but is not limited to:

  • Care for pregnant women with HIV to reduce mother to child transmission.
  • Provide comprehensive ART services to PLHIV to ensure they are retained on ART and are virally suppressed.
  • Support for key populations- Female sex workers, Men who have sex with men and prisoners.
  • HIV testing services and linkage to ART for incarcerated persons in the state prisons.
  • Promoting strategic testing in facilities, communities and hotspots to ensure HIV positive clients know their status as early as possible.

Impact made so far.

A total of 530179 clients where tested for HIV in 2018 by the APIN’s iCARES project and 6086 people tested positive. 6005 clients newly commenced ART in FY 18.

APIN iCARES project has 26404 patients that are currently on ART in Lagos state.

APIN’s work in the State since inception- GLOBAL FUND PROJECT

APIN Public Health Initiatives was made Sub-Recipient (SR) to LSMOH (The PR) under the GF HIV grant (NGA-H-LSMOH) in January 2017. The first phase of the grant ended in December, 2017 and an extension was given to APIN which will last from January 2018 to June 2019. APIN’s roles include provision of technical assistance for delivery of HIV services covering HTS, PMTCT including EID, SRH/HIV, Adult ART, Pediatrics ART, TB/HIV, M&E, Laboratory, Pharmacy and supply chain management at these GF supported facilities. NGA-H-LSMOH is being implemented in 3 LGAs of Lagos State (Epe, Ikorodu and Oshodi Isolo LGA); and specifically in 88 health facilities comprising of 7 ART sites, 32 PMTCT sites and 49 HTS standalone sites.

In 2017, APIN identified and placed a total of 2,437 PLHIVs on anti-retroviral therapy (ART), while a total of 2,363 was also identified and placed on ART in 2018 (i.e. treatment new of 4, 800). The current on treatment as at 31st December, 2018 was 12,672.

Starting from September, 2018, APIN also started implementation of community PMTCT (under the NGA-H-LSMOH grant) via working with CSOs, to conduct HIV test for pregnant women who patronize Traditional birth attendants (TBAs) in the 3 LGA of GF support in Lagos.

The impact made so far

In 2018, under LSMOH –GF HIV grant, APIN provided HIV tests to 303,708 patients among the general population at the health facilities via Provider Initiated Testing and Counselling (PITC) strategy, out of which 2,363 HIV positive patients were identified and placed on ART. APIN also provided HIV tests to a total of 51,208 pregnant women out of which a total of 402 HIV positive pregnant women were placed on ART (comprising of 147 newly diagnosed HIV positives and 219 previously known HIV positive).

The Laboratories in the GF support ART sites were also supported as there was enrolment of the 7 Laboratories at the ART centres in Lagos State for 2019 National External Quality Assurance (EQA) /Proficiency Testing (PT).

In community PMTCT, a total of 26,191 pregnant women were tested at the TBA centres out of which a total of 36 positives were identified and linked to PMTCT services.

Capacity building was a major focus as APIN conducted trainings in the various thematic areas (HTS, PMTCT, ART, Laboratories and Pharmaceutical services) which helped to improve the knowledge and skills of HCWs towards provision of quality HIV care and treatment across the 3 GF supported LGAs in the State.

APIN also implemented ART decentralization from a high volume and busy ART site (GH Ikorodu) to a PHC (Ita-Elewa PHC) where 470 patients go for their ARV refill. This significantly reduced workload as well as patient waiting time for PLHIVs receiving care at GH Ikorodu.

APIN will continue to ensure provision of quality treatment care and support to 12,672 PLHIVs who are currently on ART, in the course of the grant implementation across the 3 GF supported LGAs.

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