The procurement department of APIN Public Health Initiatives is functional and efficient in its central role of procuring supplies or goods, works and services for both the organization and our implementation sites across the country at the right time, right place, from the right source and at the right quantities and qualities.

 In achieving this, we build and maintain core supplier relationships, get the best value on goods and services, coordinate all relevant activities accurately and efficiently. Through responsible sourcing, cost leadership, value delivery, operational efficiency and innovation, the department help in driving significant improvement to the bottom line and add real value to the organization as a whole.

 Over the years the department has increased public confidence in the organization’s procurement process by upholding the integrity of the process, ensuring fairness towards all suppliers and presenting vendors with equal opportunity through competitive bidding.

 Our procurement system is anchored on four cardinal principles:

·         Value for money

·         Transparency

·         Competition

·         Minimization of risks


This is to notify all APIN vendors and suppliers (both existing and intending) that APIN Public Health Initiatives had commenced fresh prequalification and registration of Vendors. Reputable and credible companies/firms are hereby invited for prequalification and registration as service providers.

All interested companies/firms are expected to visit APIN Procurement official website page here and fill the online forms. The forms are expected to be completed and submitted online with all necessary required documents, duly scanned and upload to the online form.  For more information contact 


Procurement Manager