World Blood Donor Day 2019 – APIN Events

World Blood Donor Day 2019 – APIN Events


World Blood Donor Day 2019

By Olubunmi Amoo

Public health days are set aside to promote important public health issues. These days, though set by the World Health Organization, are usually domesticated by countries and activities are set in-country by the government in partnership with stakeholders and other key players in the health sector. 

World Blood Donor day is celebrated every year on 14 June across the world to raise awareness about the need for regular blood donations for saving lives and to encourage individuals and communities to have affordable timely access to blood for health care services.
It is also a time set aside to celebrate our unsung heroes – the voluntary non-remunerated (non-paid) blood donors who constantly share life through blood donation. These set of unique individuals never wait until disaster strikes but are committed to making safe blood available for all by willing and voluntary donation.

Historical Background:

World Blood Donor Day is observed on 14 June to mark the anniversary of Karl Landsteiner. Karl was a great scientist who won the Nobel Prize for his great discovery of the ABO blood group system. It was first celebrated in 2004 to spread awareness about the need for regular blood donations and its requirement to save lives. Every June 14, voluntary Blood Donors donate blood willingly to save the lives either accident victims or those who are in need of blood transfusion for the surgeries.

In May 2005, at the 58th World Health Assembly, WHO officially established World Blood Donor Day with its 192 member states. This is to motivate all the countries worldwide to thank the blood donors for their precious step and saving lives of the people.

2019 World Blood Donor Day: Theme

The theme for Blood Donor Day 2019 is Blood donation and universal access to safe blood transfusionto achieve universal health coverage. The slogan for the campaign is “Safe blood for all” to raise awareness about the universal need for safe blood in health care service delivery. The host country for World Blood Donor day 2019 is Rwanda and the global event will be held today, 14 June, 2019 in Kigali, Rwanda.

Safe blood for All”

This calls for the need to raise awareness of the universal need for safe blood in the delivery of health care services and the role voluntary donors have to play in achieving universal coverage. This also demands that every stakeholder need to do their best to ensure safety of the recipient being transfused.

Objectives of World Blood Donor Day celebration

  1. To provide a global platform to thank individuals who donate blood and to encourage those who have not yet donated.
  2. To raise awareness that blood donation action benefits the society as a whole.
  3. To promote and support effective national blood donor programs and the elimination of dependency on family/replacement and paid blood donation.
  4. To promote the adoption of the Club 25 approach in various countries to encourage a commitment to regular, voluntary blood donation by young people at low risk of transmitting infection through their blood.
  5. To ensure and to promote international collaboration worldwide about the principles of voluntary non-remunerated donation, while increasing blood safety and availability.
  6. In order to maintain an adequate supply of blood for all patients throughout the year requiring transfusion.
  7. To encourage people to donate blood regularly on an unpaid basis.
  8. To promote low -risk behavior so that individual can protect their health and be safe to donate blood.

APIN 2019 WBDD Activities

  • Blood Donor Drive on the 18th June in collaboration with National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS) Abuja. Target: minimum of 40 voluntary unpaid blood donors
  • Secondary School Blood Safety (SSBS) Program: APIN Supports the SSBS program on a yearly basis, and in 2019. It is organized by an arm of NBTS Headquarters, Abuja. This is a ‘Catch them young Initiative’ in which young pupils are constantly educated on safe blood availability, its important, blood screening services and blood donation for transfusion. By the time these secondary school pupils are 18 years, they will be prepared to join the pool of voluntary unpaid donors thereby making safe blood available for people in-need of transfusion.
  • APIN state offices also have lined up activities to support 2019 WBDD.

We wish everyone Happy 2019 World Blood Donor Day.

And also encourage all to join “safe Blood for all” Campaign!!   

#Safebloodforall #APINforBloodSafety #GiveBloodGiveLife

Few extracts from


World Blood Donor Day 2019 is celebrated June 14th every year and as part of our yearly routine, APIN will be joining the rest of the world to commemorate this event in collaboration with National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS).


2019 WBDD Theme: “Blood Donation & Universal access to safe Blood Transfusion”


Campaign Slogan: Safe Blood for all”


In Abuja Office, APIN shall be conducting a Blood drive on Tuesday the 18th June 2019.


Venue:  Jabi Village Community, By FCMB BANK PLC.


APIN is using this opportunity to invite the general public to come out and Donate Blood on the 18th June. NBTS Blood Donation team will be fully on ground with their Donor Bay to carry out a professional blood donation procedure from 9:00 am.


Our target is to recruit a minimum of 40 low risk non-remunerated Voluntary blood donors on the 18th June. Please encourage your friends, acquaintances and Family who live/work around Jabi axis to come and donate as well.


Furthermore, APIN will be joining the Ministerial Press Briefing at 11:00am today, 14th June, at the Federal Ministry of Health, Federal Secretariat, Abuja.


And as part of our ‘Catch them Young Initiative’ we shall be sponsoring Secondary school Blood safety (SSBS) Program- Quiz, Spelling Bee and Media Interaction. APIN had supported this SSBS Program in the last three years and still counting.


All these activities shall be given appropriate visibility on APIN website and all social media platforms.


View photos of the blood donation event here