Global Health Security (GHS) envisions a world safe and secure from global health threats posed by infectious diseases- where it is possible to prevent or mitigate the impact of naturally occurring outbreaks and intentional or accidental releases of dangerous pathogens, rapidly detect and transparently report outbreaks when they occur, and employ an interconnected global network that can respond effectively to limit the spread of infectious disease outbreaks in humans, mitigate human suffering and the loss of human life, and reduce economic impact. The recent Ebola epidemic in Africa further underscores the economic and humanitarian impacts of infectious diseases.

GHS involves developing the infrastructure and capacity to protect the health of people and societies worldwide and to ensure health system resilience. It focuses on developing and implementing multi-sectoral solutions for human security, the prevention and control of infectious diseases, attention to non-communicable diseases, and revitalizing research and development.

APIN has formed strategic partnerships and alliances with leading hospitals and state governments in Nigeria to build stronger health systems and enhance infection prevention and control activities to prevent the emergence and spread of epidemics. We have also supported these institutions with personal protective equipment to combat outbreaks.